Monday, May 23, 2011

Increase in Ufo reports in Ohio, Minnesota and lake areas

Numerous Ufo reports in recently from many area with lakes.
From Ufos and weird stuff over lake Washington in seattle
to Ufos making the news over Lake Michigan and increase in reports in Ohio and Minnesota.
We would like to hear from you if you also spotted Ufos in these areas.
Does anyone know what it going on here?

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Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago in MI, in broad daylight and on a clear day, I saw a Doughnuts on-a-rope contrail lead south climbing to space and then end at the edge of the atmosphere. It looked like it originated from N/NW of Sudbury Ontario, Canada. I bet they have a base up there. Look for it on Google Maps.

Deon said...

My name is Deon Lee i want to report that i seen a Wheel hovering over downtown St. Paul MINNESOTA ON MAY 22ND 2011 i just got off work and i was walking towards the robert bridge to the bus stop and i seen a wheel also known as Ufo hovering completely still and glowing and changing colors red,blue and flashing. There were big lights searching the sky because i believe others seen it as well and there were also planes that were flying and it WAS NOT A PLANE BECAUSE FOR ONE IT WAS SILENT AND FOR TWO IT WAS COMPLETELY STILL AND CHANGING COLORS. I already know they will try and lie and say it was something else but Farakan said that we will see the wheels over the major cities of america look it up on

Anonymous said...

More people going to the lakes and drinking beer and smoking dope to excess? Just that time of year where more people move outdoors and every little light is a UFO.

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