Monday, May 23, 2011

NSA Pressures Cmd sargent Major to stay quite on UFO Battle ?

Not sure if this guy is legit or not - you decide:
Major James Norton tells about being detained and having the NSA tell him to stop talking about a battle in 1977 at Ft Benning between UFOs and the US. Army. He says he is now under surveillance - what are your thoughts on this interview?:
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Anonymous said...

Yes Sir!..Kevin has me stumped,he never wears a hat normally,at least,not one like that!?..Why on this interview?..Is he trying to say something?..They are both professional people, both are ex: Police officers,and Kevin is a Radio talkback show, pro; two responsible people!!So where is all this going?..This video clip is 1 of 8 vids: Its a slow buildup,so please be patient:....

Bathtub said...

Kevin Smith doesn't look too convinced by this, and I'm not sure I am. The detail is a bit thin. I think there may be a rather sad personal story behind this, more to do with the guy's state of mind than any possible alien encounter.

Hieronymus Braintree said...


Anonymous said...

After listening to this "Cmd Sgt Maj" rattle on about his dilemma, so many red flags were run up the pole that the sky turned red with "Caution". Not only am I former military myself, but also, I am a "Military Brat" who grew up on military protocol (my father was a retired Brigadier General w/ 3 Combat Infantry Badges - WW11, Korea, & Vietnam).
Okay then:
I lived at Ft Benning for almost 4 yrs (as a kid), and it is indeed a vast wilderness w/ a lethal edge. There is no doubt that something along those lines could have transpired - what could NOT have transpired is the aftermath of Norton's claims - mainly, his communications w/ the Post Commander & the Director of the NSA. First, the Post Cmdr: When the "Truck" on a flagpole calls you into his office, reads you the riot act, then issues you an order, you listen, you say, "Yes Sir", and you leave. The aforementioned conversation could NOT have taken place in the manner suggested.
Secondly, the Director of the NSA would NOT have spoken to Norton as a first, middle, or last resort. As an active duty soldier, he should know all about the Chain Of Command. Something like this would have been squashed long before the intervention of the NSA, especially by the DIRECTOR himself.
One aspect of Norton's claims is null & void: There is no freedom of speech in the military.
Another, are his claims that his unit personnel surrounded him w/ a blanket of security. This is ridiculous. I won't list the myriad reasons why this could not, and did not happen, suffice to say that in doing so, he would have placed himself & his personnel in danger of being charged w/ TREASON.
This is only an abbreviation of an essay that would be too long & laborious for this forum.
The long & short of it is - When your Post Cmdr tells you to "Cease & Desist and keep your mouth shut while doing so" - you cease & desist and keep your mouth shut while doing so - PERIOD~!
I'm not sure as to what is really going on here, but what is NOT going on here, are the claims made by Cmd Sgt Maj Norton. It makes good copy but it is a yarn of fiction.

Anonymous said...

Abslolutely right, by the unanimous texter...This conversation between" the director of NSA" and this" cmd sgt major" should have had never happened in this manner...Its a sad rouse to get ppl worked up all about nothing. Show is running out of topics to talk about, and so they periodically do this to bump up their ratings...Good fiction, but that's all this is

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