Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ufo video - orbs the Sea in triangle formation 14th August 2011 Uk

Fast forward to time spot 7.18 you see the lights in a Triangle formation (view full screen).
To be honest im not sure what we are seeing here, are they helicopters in formation?
I would appreciate your take and comments on this footage:

Part 2
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Anonymous said...

just planes

Anonymous said...

Take;and comment, on this footage??

Well!..I found the audio VERY moving!?towards the volume control,
the heart rate, was out of synch; with the beat, and nearly lost the plot with the sound effects!? But
surviving all that,I might have said HELICOPTERS!! but for ONE!! that exceeded the speed limit for a chopper,unless you have some jet propelled helicopters in the UK. that I'm not up with!?
but it was an interesting clip of something going on up there.

Anonymous said...

perhaps there is something there but the fact that all the lights in the mentioned video are totaly out of focus and the video of such low quality these lights could be absolutely anything

Anonymous said...

Yes! absolutely anything!!....but wouldn't it be interesting, if we had Radar reports along with these sightings,that would confirm it one way or another, lol
but that's probably asking too much
but would help!?

Anonymous said...

I have seen these lights on three different occasions over the ocean in North Carolina this summer. The bright orange lights are seen first followed by the small flashing lights that move and "skip" all across the sky. This video is a very good representation of what I saw and I can promise you they were not helicopters or planes. The bright orange ones are sometimes in a triangle or a straight line or single and can sit motionless for long periods of time.

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