Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ufo or lantern ? Santarém portugal

Ufo Video sent in by a RealUfos reader from Santarém, portugal. I would like your opinions on whether this one is a lantern or not, filmed during dusk is it quite bright for a lantern.

I was walking with my girlfriend and i saw a bright object at the sky and i filmed it. i made 2 videos of it until it disappeared. you can see it disappearing in this video the object was getting higher and higher and it isn't a star. i dont know what this is. what do you think? my camera wasn't focusing well, sorry about that Rate this posting:


Randall said...

If this is not a fake/hoax then the odds of this being a lantern are slim to none.

The audio of this footage indicates high winds at the time of the sighting. Yet the object never moves at all. The second aspect regarding movement or non movement is the fact it doesn't continue to rise like a lantern would.

So, I'de say it's safe to at least rule out Chinese Lantern from this one.

jeff said...

agreed Randall..good point about the wind too. can i just take this time ask if we copuld get an updated commenting system please guys

Anonymous said...

I was traveling from Lisbon to North on a highway, and I saw a light in Santarem area. It looked very similar , and It was later at night (11 pm).

Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to me a while back. I got my telescope and pointed it to a similar bright object (yeah i know i'm crazy, it could have gotten me blind). Turned out it was a meteorological balloon. It was exactly in the same setting : the sun was already set, but as the ballon was high in the sky, it was reflecting the sunlight. It was getting higher and higher in the same slow manner.

BUT : in this video, when the guy zooms in, the "balloon" appears to be very jewel/diamond-like (ideally, a meteorological balloon is round). SO it might be an extraterrestrial vehicule from outter space, but really, i think in this case the "diamond-like shape" of this thing is an artefact caused by the camera.

If the original poster stumbles upon my post, i'd suggest him to zoom on some distant light and observe whether it adopts a diamond-like shape or not then report back.

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