Monday, August 29, 2011

Bronx New York UFO video Multiple Witness August 26, 2011

Ufos were seen over the Bronx the other day in New York on August 26.
Some people think they are lanterns, others are unsure.
If you spotted these objects yourself we would like to hear your comments.
Please respond to this post.

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Randall said...

Why?Why?Why does it have to be more night sightings? It's super easy to just throw in the towel and call this sighting Chinese Lanterns. However, there's an aspect of this sighting that demands more attention and that is the triangle shape.

If we take every orb sighting in the last few years and carefully analyze them, chances are we would end up with more of the triangle formation than not. That makes me believe there's more to these sightings than just Chinese Lanterns. Especially if we factored in all the personal eyewitness accounts of triangle shaped craft. Also some of the Belgium wave of sightings were triangle shaped. Also the controversial MJ-12 documents depict a drawing of a triangle craft almost identical to the Belgium wave craft.

There might be one more angle to all these sightings that shouldn't be over looked or not expected. It's quite possible we're all being duped by governments around the world using holographic technology as a way to manipulate the general population.

I just read a few pages of a document that talked about the Galileo satellite. It was a 2006-2007 document I think and what got my attention the most was the way they describe how it can be used in many ways as the heart of world's population control grid. One of the key comments it made was how important it was to the United Nations that public interest in the Galileo Satellite be kept at all possible down to zero.

It's common knowledge now that all the wealth and power around the world is being consolidate into the hands of a few elite globalists. After reading a few pages of the document it became clear to me why the Space Shuttle program was scrapped. It's part of that consolidation that's taking place. I have a gut feeling that within the next 5 to 10 years there will still be a space program. Only (If we're still alive then) we'll all be saying remember when they used to sew American flag patches on the astronauts space suits?

I'll try to find that document and post it either here if possible or link to it.

BearwoodBrown said...

Looks like the very familar Triangle craft that has been spotted all over the world any Idea how big it was ??

BearwoodBrown said...

I couldnt tell very well, but it looks like one of the Triangle UFO that have been spotted all over the world ,,Any idea how big it was ????

Gerry said...

Galileo Spacecraft:

Randall.... please go abuse some other site with your fictions...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

maybe the new lockheed hover aircraft?

Anonymous said...

We have seen the same UFOS in France august 27 2011 and they were CHASED BY FRENCH AIR FORCE !
We have witnessed the Air Force opening fire on the same UFOS in France august 27 2011 !

Anonymous said...

I've seen the same object a few years back in plain daylight right on top of my head, I don't believe they're aliens, but I do believe they belong to the government. There is so much we don't know and will never find out. That is the way it's set out to be.

Anonymous said...

with the floating Arrrrrse!:)

Cecilia said...

ive seen them before an they were in a chasing like pattern nothing an aircraft could of done an i live in crandon, wi it happened just above a lake called lucerne

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