Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ancient Aliens and Ancient Engineers

New from the Ancient Aliens series:
Might the tools and technology of ancient builders have come from distant galaxies? Evidence suggests that an ancient mountaintop fortress in Peru was constructed with laser-like tools... temples at Vijayanagara India were built to harness cosmic energy... and an acoustic chamber in Malta enabled interplanetary communication. If the ancient builders did use advanced technology, could it prove that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago?
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Anonymous said...

I found this video SO increadable and amazing,I mean just looking at those giant, perfectly cut squared
stone blocks, weighing tons!!
HUGE work!! and the magnificent & precisely cut work of stone ART every where,...all this by stone age MAN!!?..I don't think so!
It seems to me, that this time period, in some ways, superseded our own,in as far as technology goes, and I find this profoundly interesting.I feel so privileged to have seen this video, because I would love to go to these places and see for myself, all that others are seeing,but thats not going to happen:/...if there was EVER, a stone age MAN, he was very clever, don't you think??..with his Alien friends,-in high places:)

Anonymous said...

what´s that thing at 5.14 in the air?

Patrik said...

These people that lived in that time is just like us, right!? Why couldnt they produced something like that? Come on... use some criticism in your brain!!

Anonymous said...

Because we too can't build some of these things today. Even with heavy machinery it is pretty hard to move such incredible heavy stones.

So the question is whether they had some kind of help, i.e. from some alien race visiting earth or something, or if they knew about some kind of (presumably primitive) technology which enabled them to build such incredible places, but which was forgotten over time.

Anonymous said...

PATRIK!!...We are not JUST talking about Peoples ability,in this time
period,but more about what technology they were using in
their time, compared to what we today, would have some trouble achieving,..without doubt!!!

Stone age People,YES!...BUT!
of a much higher caliber,than we have given credit to, AND with TECHNOLOGY that can shift more than 1000.tons of perfectly cut rock.....Do this work today, and see what it would take!?...?:)

The point being made here, is that, our history, is "NOT" what we thought it to be!...some of it has been lost in time!...and that!
can come as a SHOCK!?

Anonymous said...

Also Patrik!!...I'm impressed with this video,because unlike the ufo.
"bleared" shots,that are too hard
to decipher!..these photos of the
amazing stone blocks, some of them HUGE!?...are SO clear!! SO there!!
for all to see,that they ARE indisputable proof of our past.
not a CGI. or what have you,but right there, "REAL!"
Think to yourself, how today, you could lift up "HIGH!"...1030 tons of squarely cut rock....The engineer in this video,gave his expertise on this,and that is his take on it,in our time,so it makes you think how could this have taken place, in the so called stone age, of ancient times.There it is!..its staring us in the face,
and can't be ignored.Its not going to go away.
This has more credibility about it
than the Disclosure on UFO!?
The only difference between the two is CLEAR to see, and the other;...needs Disclosure!!
I can't help but think,that the fact is steering us in the face, and we don't get it.......

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