Friday, September 09, 2011

Bright red Triangle UFO hovering over Moscow 2011-09-07

A glowing red triangle Ufo was recorded on video over Moscow Russia 7th September 2011.
I would like your comments on this new footage. Im not sure why there are so many ufo reports from moscow recently but this footage is quite unique. If you live in moscow we would also like to hear from you directly if you have also spotted an unusual craft.
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Anonymous said...

THAT is a good SHOT!

Anonymous said...

An amazing shot yes!..but I did
wonder why the video was rolling,
before the lights appeared a little bit after!?
Although there was alot of cloud cover,and the three lights were more than likely,in and out of the cloud cover,then gone!He was lucky to have got the shot at all,My take on it!.....I'm still thinking about the report from Russia, on the 9ft.Giants seen, after a landing over there, so I've got my dust all ready to head for the do you talk to a 9ft. Giant?? you use a loud hailer
saying something like:...are you friendly?..and he says!..come here and find out!...NOPE!!!:/

Patrik said...

We can rule out lanterns this time? Really good video!

Anonymous said...

The end of this age is very close now. This is Ok with me.

Anonymous said...

On the same day, a hour north of Toronto Canada around 11-pm I and 7 other friends saw the same thing. Very strange.

Leonidas300 said...

My wife and I saw the same ufo in 2011 from the 15th floor of a hotel balcony, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 7.30pm. It came from afar traveling along the coast. At first we thought it was an airplane, but after seeing the red lights knew it was something different. In the end it virtualy stopped above us, the 3 red lights became 1 and then it disappeared. It was a completly clear night, no clouds. When it disappeared we could see the stars. Sorry no video, we were so over awed we didn't move.

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