Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ancient Aliens - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

Stay tuned to the History channel for the upcoming interesting episode this thursday Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics 09/08/2011

I find the upcoming epsiode particularly interesting because of the new evolution theory called Intelligent Alien Design. Richard Dawkins, one of the world's most famous champions of Darwin's Theory of Evolution and a staunch atheist, has recently been discussing the possibility that life on Earth could be the result of advanced alien engineering. He believes the complexity of DNA is such that it could not have evolved within the time frame of human evolution and that DNA on a meteorite or transported otherwise could have lead to life on earth.

Also the scary fact that viruses can change DNA permanently (the are used all the time in genetic engineering to change DNA) means that an engineered virus spread and released around the earth can change human genome (see article - are you getting more then a flu? ).

Scientists are continually challenged by unidentified strains of bacteria with mysterious origins. Could some of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space--or even extraterrestrial intervention? During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, people reported bronze flying ships emitting a strange mist. As recently as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover published evidence of life in meteorites. Is it possible that ancient aliens--as small as microbes--have shaped human history?

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Anonymous said...

I’m sure aliens (aka Elohim and their sons [Bnei HaElohim], Nephilim, Anakim [Annuki], Maskilim [in book of Zohar] ) are the ones who engineered us, and have been manipulating us ever since. Before our eyes “evolution” of humans is still taking place. It will become more and more evident, in 50 to 100 years time, when the ever widening gap between the more technological and advanced humans and primitive humans will become very blatant (non-politically correct comment ALERT). Maybe those chips they insert inside some of us can also alter our body’s systems in ways that we don’t understand yet, or are only just beginning to notice. What Darwin, his cronies and religious adherents perceived as natural evolution, was in fact artificially engineered evolution. Those beings are so advanced; they can do almost anything they want with life matter. I believe that they are manipulating us in many ways…
Dawkins is a bit late jumping on the right wagon. Lloyd Pye has been going on about alien engineering for quite a while now, and please see “Origin of Life came from other planets, By Rhawn Joseph: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByUod2VmBQY&feature=channel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the:
"Origin of Life"

A "very" interesting conception or
hypotheses,of how life might have started,not just here,but in the
universe, very interesting!?

But like Erich Von Daniken, I too, believe in my God,and not with out good reasoning!?..I once was an evolutionist, for a while, until I realized that "LIFE" - that is the DNA.had TOO much complexity about it,to have JUST, happened in a soup of time & chemistry!? Evolutionary!!...the DNA. is VERY intelligently complex in design, so therefor, are we not looking at an intelligent creation of DNA...LIFE!!
The creation of LIFE..Yes??

This leads us to think who or what created life anywhere at all!?
Some of us have chosen, our GOD!
Some of us have chosen differently!
The question for some of us, might be; as Erich Von Daniken puts it:
Was god an Astronaut?? or Extraterrestrial!? meybe!maybe not!
It could be that God created the DNA.US!..originally and extraterrestrials have been manipulating us ever since!?

A question in all of this,can arise

If an entity created US! Who created the ENTITY?..and keep going
back to the BIG-BANG!
Now WHO! or WHAT, Created the big-bang?...could this have been God??

So who or what created God??
In your bible,God says:...He IS & always WAS!! for ever & ever!!....?

So how do we get our head around that!...can only mean, another dimenion, where time is not!!
So now I'm out of my depth...:)

For now!......

Anonymous said...

LIFE...is in abundance every where
here on Earth,we stand on it,we eat
it,we kill it,we smell it,we hunt it,we grow it,we love it,we give birth to it, and we are part of it,we can not survive without it,..and yet we take all of this, for granted!

The Creator, "MUST" LOVE their creation's! as it represents their INTENT!!!

Its like an Artist, with his or her painting,..the painting, is a reflection, of every thing they are and feel, in what they express on canvas,within the painting...so too for the CREATOR!!

DNA or RNA That occupies a fixed position locus on a chromosome in the gene pool,did not just happen!

-"It is by intellegent design!"-

So you might take evolution from that point on,if that is the will!?

There IS room in time,for "intellegent design" to have EVOLVED!! when you consider
CROSSBREEDING!!..so in this soup of thought, there is alot to think about.......

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