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Are Aliens using Viruses to speed up human evolution - the missing link?

Very eye opening article:

Did you know modern genetic engineering uses viruses to modify DNA?
So if scientists are easily using this technology now could
ET's be using and have used viruses in the same way to initiate genetic change to influence the evolution of humans ?

Its a surprisingly simple way to genetically engineer a mass population from a distance - release a virus , let it spread and speed up evolution of a whole race!. Most surprisingly, scientists now agree that ancient viruses are in fact the reason for our quick evolution. The below article and videos explain this theory further..

According to
Wikepedia - In genetic engineering Recombinant DNA techniques use biological vectors like plasmids and viruses to carry foreign genes into cells. Viruses act as vectors in genetic engineering. Viruses are infectious particles that contain new genetic material to which a new gene can be added. The virus can carry the new gene into a recipient cell in the process of infecting that cell.

Looking back at current human evolution "Scientists still cannot find the 'Missing link' that links
Cro-Magnon man [our own immediate ancestor] to earlier human forms-- yet they've found and continue finding the remains of many less advanced forms that existed long before Cro-Magnon."

According to evolutionary theory early men evolved into the Missing Link, which evolved into
Cro-Magnon man, which evolved into modern Homo Sapiens -- us! But for the theory to be valid, the Missing Link must have existed about the same time as the Neanderthal -- which means that Missing Link remains (tools, fossils and artwork) should be as common as Neanderthal remains. Yet while Neanderthal remains abound, the Missing Link remains ... missing!

According to scientist
Voron: "If scientists cannot find Missing Link remains, yet easily find Neanderthal remains -- it may be because the Missing Link never existed! And that Cro-Magnons -- modern man's ancestors -- were genetically engineered!" But by whom? Voron sees only one possible answer: "By certain intelligent beings -- of extraterrestrial origin!"

Calculations show that the chance emergence of life, and moreover of intelligent life, is very low. Yet the final and pivotal giants leaps in human
evolution happened surprisingly very quickly towards the end of the time scale of our development- and scientist still can't understand why this is so.

Science now believes that indeed that retroviruses were and are still pivotal in human evolution and that some of these viruses may possibly be alien in nature
(Note - that It would be very interesting to study human evolution changes post viral pandemics and major Ufo encounters) . Science also believes now that human evolution is speeding up at an exponential rate - what will be the result of this super fast human evolution? and is this speed due to the increase in new viruses we are seeing come out ?( like swine flu ) - Who Knows - one thing for sure is you may be getting alot more than you think the next time you pick up a virus!

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The fact that this article uses wikipedia as a reference should be more than enough to discredit it.

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