Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iphone & Blackberry Cancer Warning Update

Ok after the shocking new Australia report & study which i posted about about on cell phone use, many people have emailed me asking why BlackBerry and Iphone are the worst risk out of all phones for brain cancer. And to the complainers - no this is not some paranoid hype either - the information is real - so keep reading ....

The reason is due to the cell phone SAR Radiation Ratings. Sar Stands for : Specific Absorption Rate, which is a measurement of RF energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. Most phones average SAR around 0.8. However newer smart phones use more powerful frequencies to transmit due to more Internet requirements. Of concern is the Iphone 3g which has a highish SAR rating around 1.3 and most new Blackberry models like the curve and Bold which are near the FCC limit of 1.6W.

So the higher the SAR rating of your phone, combined with the longer you use it, increases your exposure and thus increases your cancer risk from dangerous RF energy. New reports say that infact RF energy from cell phones doubles the risk of brain cancer . As it takes up to 10-15 years to develop these brain cancers, its only now people are seeing the effects and for the younger generation sadly the worst is yet to come...

So ... what can we do ..?
1) Well first check out the SAR rating of your phone
2) If you do have Iphone or blackberry don't freak out ... use a special anti-radiation headset like the Rf3 (normal headsets wouldn't do it - the wire in them is just like an antenna sending radiation directly into the head). The RF3 is great and I'm using one on my Iphone now.
3) Try and disable 3G mode if not using it all the time - 3g emits unnecessary high energy frequencies to transmit.
4) Try and use speaker phone as much as possible.
5) Try and pressure cell phone manufacturers to make a low sar phone with an antenna - if the demand is there the product will come!

As you may know smoking was deemed safe in the 1950's- it was even endorsed by doctors at the time - can u believe it - people trusted their doctors and the "evidence based research" at the time even when the gut feeling in most people was that it was wrong - and the price they paid for not following their intuition - oh well guess they all died ... wake up people same thing happening today with cellphones!

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