Friday, May 15, 2009

Ufo ' Disinfo ' active on the Internet ? - I think so.

You know I truly believe the ufo ' disinfo ' campaign is active on the Internet and i feel it works like this :

All you have to do is create a 'tiny bit of doubt' in the minds of people about the ufo topic and its all over - you dont need to disprove the topic just confuse it -

Yes, we think the Internet is the ultimate tool for ufo disclosure but is this so ?
- to date we are seeing a disturbing trend all over YouTube and the Internet which points to an active disinfo campaign :

Let me explain my point ... Ok so you may have seen on the Tv when they talk about Ufos they often show the footage of the ufos and then the news presenters always give their 'spin' (as if their some authority on the subject!) and they then ridicule it with a common joke about the 'little green men' and so in this way the seeds of doubt are set in the minds of the public and control is maintained ..

But on the Internet its a different ball game - they can't stop all the ufo videos out there on the Internet, there are too many and some are too good .. plus there are multiple streaming video providers now ... so here's what they do:

They clutter sites with confusing ufo videos - often short unrelated or off the topic , they spam the ufo 'keyword' into unrelated youtube videos, they get a whole lot of CGI's out there that look great then a few months later they reveal they are created , they cull those who post too much of a good thing - by this i mean they actively identify and pressure ' top ufo posters' (those who post alot and have many views in the thousands) via sending last minute copyright infringements & threats once their accounts receive like over 500000 views .. and also they encourage videos which discredit people high up in the ufo community... its a well implemented campaign and its working ..

So you know they don't need to disprove the topic anymore ... all they just create 'seeds of doubt via mass confusion' and you know its then all over in the minds of most people - sadly even when there are truly amazing reports and ufo videos out there .

But when the truth is posted time and time again - you know this is looked down upon and its a threat to this model and your before you know it your gone - too much of a good thing without the confusion is a no no online ...
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Anonymous said...

Check out the song IFO by the band (hed) P.E.. It's an anthem for disclosure, "Can't hide the moon, can't hide them eyes, no you can't put a cover on the sky!"

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