Monday, May 11, 2009

Red Beam comes from UFO over Rhenen, Holland 8 May 2009?

Strange ufos shoot a red laser in Holland the other day apparently but looks similar to one last year in Machester, not sure what to make of this - they do look like real objects - but is the guy beaming a laser to the ufo , is someone holding a laser pointer in the distance ? ... please advise people im uncertain of this one...
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Ufos were orange in color, spherical. It was windless, clear night, the objects flying silently in a straight direction, some in formation, some alone, they flew in the direction Ede / Arnhem. There were several people in our street who have seen.

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Kelly said...

It looks like the Ufo is shooting the laser out, because they are quite thick and large, and how could someone on the ground shoot a laser up with such accuracy in line with the craft?

it's quite scary to see that ufo shoot the laser out like that!

Dan said...

i don't buy that for a second that line is so clear and crisp, and even the images of the craft are questionable as the appear to be spinning quite fast.

CG all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hahah! For gods sake, the "laser" is thicker than the "ufo", etc. This is bullxxxt! Please remove it.

Don Mills said...

The UFOs look possibly authentic; the vertical light beams will be artefacts of the camera they were filmed with, probably a cellphone. Vertical "bleeding" or "blooming" from pixel to pixel is a common phenomenon when less expensive cameras capture isolated lights against a very dark background. There have been several recent UFO movies showing this phenomenon, sometimes accompanied by the explicit statement that the filmer saw the lights but not the "laser beams". The two phenomena (lights, "laser beams") should be considered separately.

Kelly said...

Anonymous you are a coward for not showing your real user id and then attacking the host of this blog.

It's HIS blog, he can put whatever he likes, he doesn't have to take it down just because you say so.

I think it's real. And I'm entitled to my opinion too.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

It's pretty funny to see, people
of other country's post here a
comment about this happening in
Rhenen, probobly one of the
smallest cities of the Netherlands.

More funnier is that I live in
Rhenen and i exually live a few
streets futher away from the street
where it was filmed.

I talked to people who saw it to
and they saw the laser beams to.
NOT from a camera, but with there
own eyes. However, I copied every
frame of the beam out of de video
and i zoomed in to 1600% in photo
shop. If you see the 7th beam, the
grey one, and you zoom in, you need
to follow the beam of the top to
futher below. As you're going, you
see at 1 point something weird,
like there is something IN that
beam?? When you use the tool make
sharper in photoshop and u press
ctrl + f a few times you see that
it's got some energie just the same
like the white dot...

1 thing for sure: This is not an
aircraft and NOT fake. I trust the
people who filmed it and saw it,
and that trust is stronger than
people who just say: fake.

And if this one is real, the others
out of manchester, boston and
germany are real to, because they
are exacly the same. (Found out in

Anonymous said...

If you have more information please
contact me: [email protected]

Dalibor Novák said...

We have exactly the same thing recorded here in Czech Republic.. we didn't know what to make of it and the authors thought the laser beam was just an error of the cellphone they filmed it with...I somehow thought it was real.. it was recorded last year in autumn. Contact me for further cooperation.

Anonymous said...

i saw one in lowell indiana do something like but the lazer went out space it would do it for about a half hour then stoped for a few min it move real fast in a zig zag too shoot another red lazer type beam / this is a reall storie the american government need to release its infromation about ufos 2012 is coming so just get ready for anything

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