Thursday, May 14, 2009

Threats again over !

Hi all,

After some nasty attempts of distrupting my site and some not so friendly emails and comments i would like to say that is here to stay and no i won't " give it up " - sorry . I am aware the site has a popular following but surely if the site went down wouldn't this bring only more attention to the ufo disclosure issue?

As you may remember a few years ago both of my very popular ufo channels on youtube were deleted cause they got too many of views .. i got the same waring signs .. alot of haters, personal attacks, comments & then emails .. then the accounts were deleted ( just ask any popular ufo video poster - this happens to almost all top ufo posters on youtube - once you exceed 500,000 views your gone!)...also look how many sensitive videos are deleted from youtube as you go back in time on the posts on this blog (but strangle not daily motion - cause their in france!).. its disturbing and yes its organised ... .and sadly now there trying to delete this site!

Anyways should (god forbid) anything happens to the site people please make some noise online , were not going without a fight!

I also apologise for this but i have also had to continue comment moderation on posts. There are certain people (with what intentions i don't know) that like to degrade my posts with swearing and defamatory comments, i have received complaints in the past and i am shocked that some people go to such lengths to distract from the ufo topic.

Staying Strong

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Anonymous said...

I some are trying to close I guess the time for disclosure may not be that close =(

Thank you for your great website man, I learned many things with it =)

Anonymous said...


Youtube = Google...

Google = Google Earth, Google Moon and Google Mars...

If there is something to know, they do know ! It may explain why they filter...

Anonymous said...

this site isnt going anywhere.
why do you think they want control of the internet.
back off. goverment scum

great site never back down.

@p said...

how they try to close it? X) if you pay for hosting regularly no one will close you.

those angry comments means nothing.. some idiots have nothing to do only sit in internet and post nonsense.. can you post some examples? :) just for lols X)

btw great site! keep it running :)

3etweya said...

Hey matt I want to say & share something with you & all the realufo site. in the couple of years since 2007 to be exact i've been checking your site, I've been learning more & more about ufos, yes some people want to destroy this knowledge in every way!. Some people just don't want to open their eyes & see the truth, the truth that in the last years & thousands years been lie to the humankind. It's a crime not knowing what's out there. are they good? Or bad?!. I don’t want to be a sheep among wolfs! Nor a wolf itself I just want the answer. be sure if they can stop one THEY WILL NOT STOP US!.

Charles said...

Dis-informationist suck. Allot have a religous background that has brainwashed them into thinking they are making the correct actions.

They do not practice their "Golden Rule". They wish to be Gods right hand but then do the wrong thing which get's them into trouble.

They do not want anyone to know that Satan and Jesus are one and the same and they fly on UFOs or "Space Ships".

Son of God in Judaism is the same Son of God in Christianity which is the same Son of God in Mithraism which are all the same 17 Son of God or Savior God stories going all the way to Chrishna to Horus, most being twisted.

If the dis-infoers mess with you Matt there Karma which is controlled by Extraterrestrials will bite them in the ass.

Youtube has definitely been purging or altering videos and comments that are real, welcome to Chinese yootoob.

Your doing a great job Matt keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I always try to be honest when posting a comment, but even if you don't care much for a video that's posted, you can still be respectful and leave out the degrading remarks. I do come to this site every day and would be one voice in the chorus, should some entity try to shut you down. Keep plugging away Matt!!

Slushie Man said...

Just wanted to let you know that I took a screenshot of this article, with the link clearly visible at the top, and the date also visible. In case anything does happen, I'll be sure to post that screenshot up around so people know that you saw it coming and were being harassed before-hand.

Anonymous said...


Be strong, do not fear! I feel disclosure is somewhat at hand, ABSOLUTELY, because you have the intestinal fortitude to continue bringing this entire, complex equation to the forefront.

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