Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NASA Atlantis Shuttle May 11 2009 - Ufo seen already ?

As you may know The U.S. space shuttle Atlantis has blasted off to the Hubble Space Telescope for a fifth and final repair mission late on May 11 2009.
Some people say Ufos have already been seen on the mission - some say the below objects look like a triangle formation seen in the previous Atlantis mission - but to me it looks just like debris but then again debris don't fly in triangle formation? - any ideas people?
May 11/12 2009

previous shuttle missions - Similar thing seen on STS115 - NASA explained away as debris?

and another more disturbing one - self propelled debris?
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Anonymous said...

The three objects pass in front of an illuminated Earth in the background, but nothing is connecting these objects-- therefore, it's just debris.

Anonymous said...

The bottom video could easily be crappy CGI---there's no "NASA TV" logo on that image!

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