Thursday, September 01, 2011

Strange lights over Kansas city August 2011

Flares? some strange lights spotted over Kansas city August 2011:
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Patrik said...


Anonymous said...

this looks like the one earlier this year in Texas...seems like some kind of firework. I have yet to see these lights move in different directions uncharacteristic of a firework. They also always fade out and fall with gravity....FIREWORK of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, i think this is just a bunch of guys sky diving for an airshow. What are everyone's thoughts? I'm gonna look up to see if there was any practice or airshow happening in kansas city soon.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a Parachute Night Jump.

They fall together in formation at the beginning and then brake up and go down.

Anonymous said...

its the golden knights doing night jumps.

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