Tuesday, September 06, 2011

UFO's over Commerce City Colorado

Just what were these bright object spotted over Commerce City Colorado on August the 17th?
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Anonymous said...

wich direction is it? to the Airport to the East?

Randall said...

To me it looks like commercial airliners lining up for a runway to land on. If there's an airport near by I would say that's most likely what it is.

I want these lights to be extraterrestrial craft as much as the next guy, but I grew up in Orange County, California. That county is surrounded by airports in all directions. I used to see this all the time there.

Anonymous said...

there is an Airport in the East of commerce city. Maybe planes and Copters

Anonymous said...

That's definitely the line up of planes coming in to DIA... especially if this was shot from commerce city. No doubt about it!

Anonymous said...

The airport is very close by these are planes heading east to land.

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