Friday, November 11, 2011

Bright UFO in the southern sky of Louisiana

A really bright ufo was filmed over Southern of Louisiana on the 9th Nov 2011.
Looks too bright to be a lantern?
Would like to hear from anyone in Louisiana who may have also witnessed this object:
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Anonymous said...

I saw the same looking light a few times now in the last week, got a few photos too, Halifax NS Canada

George said...

Looks like the moon or the planet Jupiter. Nothing to see here!

George said...

I am positive that this is either the moon or the planet Jupiter rising in the eastern sky. Nothing to see here!

Greg St. Pierre said...

That doesn't look like a flare. Not sure what it could be though.

Bathtub said...

If it were rising,it would surely get higher in the sky.I do agree however that this is quite likely to be a planet.

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