Thursday, November 10, 2011

Strange triangle like ufo over midlothian scotland 7 nov 2011

Was it a satellite, Ufo or plane?
It seems to be flashing at a very high up in the atmosphere. Filmed over midlothian scotland 3.45 am 7 nov 2011:
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Bathtub said...

It's clearly a plane.

Anonymous said...

Bathtub said: "it's clearly a plane".
May I ask, Bathtub, what kind of plane it is?
I've never seen a plane with a tiangular light formation.

Anonymous said...

just a plane

Michael said...

It's always "clearly just a plane" to these guys, & they KNOW too. They're the cream of the crop aeronautical experts of this sIght. We all know every plane has 3 fixed bright lights in the formation of a triangle. Just look up in the sky, & you'll see normal, everyday airplanes have triangular formations of fixed lights w/1 strobing light. Listen to the experts; they know airplanes when they see them ;)

Anonymous said...

so fake he is in a dark room with three lights.and he used a computer desktop towards the end you can see him recording freaking fakers i swear.

Bathtub said...

I don't claim to be an expert, Michael, but since you appear to acknowledge that 'normal' aircraft generally carry a triangular arrangement of nav/logo lights and a beacon, you must surely agree that anything conforming to that pattern is likely to be just what it seems to be.
I have seen some puzzling and intriguing videos posted on this site, and, when possible, I've commented to that effect. I've also seen things with my own eyes (one in particular) which I can't explain.
I'm absolutely do not set out to debunk all ufo sightings or paranormal experiences. But most things in the sky can in my opinion be accounted for, and if I think something appears to be manmade or a known natural phenomenon, I'm going to say so.
You're absolutely free to disagree, and if you've an alternative explanation for this or any other sighting, I'd be delighted to hear it.
Regards, Stephen

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