Tuesday, November 15, 2011

traffic cam ufo 2011-11-03 Virginia,

Apparently this ufo video was filmed on the 2011-11-03 Virginia USA:
If anyone also spotted this please respond to this post.
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Posters comments:
Watching news on local channel WAVY TV 10, apparent at 5:30AM, UFO appeared to be heading towards camera then goes off camera then appears traveling opposite direction with a trail, very un-nerving and goosebumps, appeared to travel off into horizon with great speed. Rate this posting:


Randall said...

I don't really like being the first person to crap all over this one, but personally I think this is fake.

Bathtub said...

I don't think it's fake, I think it's probably a meteor.

Michael said...

It's not fake. The footage is genuine. There are no signs of added effects whatsoever othe than the obvious news-channel graphics.

Anonymous said...

This so-called ufo is as fake as it gets. It's on youtube and the effects creator discusses how he did it

Michael said...

Oh really? Post a lnk

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