Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Ufo sightings November 2011

We get numeruous ufo reports in daily.
If you would like to submit and share your personal sighting please use the submit ufo report link above. Here are a few recent once submitted by our readers:

Tulsa Oklahoma
in tulsa Oklahoma sighting unexplainable me.and my fiance both saw it. it wasnt a bright light it was a literal object with no sound but moving very swiftly across the sky was below the clouds on Nov 4 2011

Burnsville, North Carolina
Something in the sky, discernable in the west from burnsville, nc. Irregular shape, red lights around a white center, not moving. Much too high to be on a mountaintop.

San Antonio , Texas
A metallic looking sphere just at a stand still....then disappears. I was driving into my driveway and i saw it in the northern part of the sky in San Antonio , Texas at 12:20 pm 11/12/2011

Edmonton Canada
was stopped behind a bus while heading east on Stony Plain Road, close to 149 St intersection in Edmonton. The bus was loading/unloading several passengers, so I had time to look around. Looked to my left out the driver's side window and saw an unusual formation of lights in the sky. The formation was flying very slowly towards me - I soon could see 5 distinct lights in a V-formation. The lights were very large, round-shaped, and warm white in color. The lights were large and contiguous with each other. No halo or bleeding of one light to the next - very distinct round shaped. The object was flying very low and not changing altitude. It was traveling south (so it was flying perpendicular to, and towards me). I turned off my iPod and opened my window and stuck my head out to determine if there was any sound (and hopefully to signal to other people to look up). I could hear no sound over that of traffic. As the object got closer - I estimate within 500 feet (< 150 m) total distance from me (horizontal and vertical) - I could observe that the lights were attached to a single silver-gray translucent craft with a body down the center. The craft itself may have been triangular rather than a V. The object was almost overhead when I noticed the bus was gone. No one had honked, so hopefully the drivers behind me were as transfixed by the object as I was.\

West Virginia
M 12:10 last night / this morning, (11-15-11) which ever you wanna call it, my fiance, and his friend and i were at the mall for the midnight release of a game and after we had walked out to go to our vehicles, my fiance decided he wanted to ride in the back of his friends truck to my car which was parked behind the mall. on the way to my car, his friend kept talking about jets. "look at these jets. there are three, four, five of them! why are there five jets flying right beside each other?" wethought that maybe he had just hit his head to many times when he was swerving so we didn't say anything. He just kept talking about the jets so when we stopped, we got out of the truck, looked up, and bam. there were these "jets" that he had been talking about. except they weren't jets. we don't know what they were. at first there were only about maybe 6 of them but then they just kept popping up out of no where in a single file line, one behind the other until there were about 15, maybe 20 of them. they started moving into somehwat of a zig-zag shape or something like that! Rate this posting:

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