Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ufo over Wisconsin 2011-10-29

Did anyone in Wisconsin also spot this ufo?:

Posters comments:
About 30 people were taking part in the �Haunted Woods Tour� as part of the Burlington, WI, Vortex Conference. We were hiking through the woods at about 9 pm, after dark, with no moon, had just reached �The Vortex,� when someone in the group called out, �What�s up in the sky?�

We all looked where he was pointing, up beyond some tall pine trees to the east, and saw a flaming orange object flying silently towards us about a mile away and a mile up. The object flew towards us at a slow, steady rate, sometimes zigging and zagging slightly, but always heading right towards us. When it was almost right overhead it disappeared.

Then a moment later another one (or the same one) appeared about a mile away to the east and a mile high, and followed the exact same path, also disappearing when it got just about overhead.

The objects didn�t have any apparent shape, and didn�t make any noise. They appeared to be made of flickering, flaming orange light.

All 30 people saw it, many took pictures and some took video.
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Dean said...

Sorry, but this woman in the back round needs a tree to fall on her. For the love of God please shut up!

Dean said...

Sorry to say, but that woman in the back round is just a bit over the top. For the love of God, when witnessing something unexplained shut up and try to learn something from the experience, like is it making any sound or is it just you?
Or what do Angelic forces have to do with UFO's? I doubt Angels have need of a craft.

Anonymous said...

That woman in the background..Dean,
was looking for a miracle, and she got it!...The tree never fell on her!?:)

Anonymous said...

We saw something similar to this tonight. It looked like it was on fire and just slowly floating around with no noise.

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