Friday, November 04, 2011

UFO's over Phoenix November 2nd 2011

Ufo video showing some strange lights recorded over Phoenix on November 2nd 2011.
Do people think these are lanterns or something else?

November 3, 2010
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Randall said...

1st. There is way to many of these sightings all over the world to be Chinese lanterns. I find it difficult to believe that Chinese lanterns are that popular.

2nd. The lights in this video (or some of them) have a consistent blinking pattern which basically rules out lanterns.

Anonymous said...

I live in Phoenix, that's a common sight in the night sky. That's planes lining up for landing at Sky Harbor Airport.

Anonymous said...

Specks of light in the night sky are not ufos. As far as I,m concerned people who post this crap online should really think about what they are doing. What in hell does this prove? Absolutely nothing, we are seeing specks of lights in the sky, period.

Anonymous said...

yes,some or a few may be optical illusions caused by plane lights etc. but what I reasonably perceive is :- that aliens visit earth since long back yet open living of them is not suitable on earth.they are not our creator nor superior. they fear human beings on earth.what we know is less known to them vice versa.may be in earlier days they had some camps on earth and lost tract of it due to massive geophysical change here, they try to dig it out. personally, I saw such things twice on semi-.cloudy sky which are most likely not ball-lightning or human endevaour.Bijoy,Assam,India.

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