Friday, February 24, 2012

Triangle Ufo filmed over pyramid in france

Ufo investigator Jamie Maussan on the case on the Ufo sighting over 'pyramid' in france:

On January 18, 2010 in Saint-Martin-d'Auxigny there was a ufo sighting.
Few know that there is a hidden pyramid in France called the Falcon.
This is where a triangular formation of unidentified objects flying was recorded
above the pyramid. UFOs have previously been recorded near pyramids over history. It is due to the energy that flows in these ancient buildings Rate this posting:


nick said...

The Falicon pyramid is no longer complete - it's missing about one third of its original height, and does not come to a point at the top (as can be seen early in the video). Yet the pyramid over which the UFO is filmed is a perfect pyramid. It's not the Falicon pyramid, which makes me think the video is probably a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Why do we all know there's a connection with pyramid shaped ufos a the pyramids themselves but we somehow deny its relation? I mean who else built them? Explain who moved those big ass boulders.WHO?..........WHO!!!!

emygee1972 said...

ye I agree, who moved those boulders!
in egypt for example. I believe Egypt is linked closely with ETs and UFOs...would love to travel there 1 day to see for myself, but I think the inquisitive side of me would get me in trouble, I would try to gain access to places that man hasnt been, like Indiana Jones lol.
One day we will all find out the truth.

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