Thursday, March 08, 2012

AREA 51 - America's book of secrets

New documentary on the long famous Area 51:

It is one of the most covert military bases on American soil, protecting the nation's most confidential research and development. For decades, the highest levels of government had denied its existence. But behind the barbed wire fences and surveillance cameras are secrets...Go inside the most famous secret military base on Earth to expose the high-tech security, undercover operations, and most outrageous claims surrounding the 575 square miles of "restricted" space. What actually goes on at Area 51? Is there a connection between Area 51 and the Roswell event of 1947? Could there be a secret subterranean city underneath the barren desert? Have the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 been a smokescreen for controversial military projects? While the government may never reveal what it's really hiding at Area 51, many believe it is a place where truth is stranger than fiction
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Ruby said...

Good one :)

kevin said...

I think area 51 is a very cool place and I believe that there are to mainy people in the USA and some parts of Canada who are to obsessed with area 51. In my opion area 51 has developed mainy air craft all to protec the free world. So who cares if at one time years ago they might have gotten a UFO.

Anonymous said...

Well,all good Kevin!...BUT, what if
area 51, had NEVER received any crashed ufo! would it still have been able to produce the technology it has done today, as we understand it? that is part of the larger question of, what is going on in AREA51? and considering
people have seen all sorts of weird
& wonderful sightings at area51!
and the same all over this planet.
You can't blame people for wondering what is going on? This IS what keeps us coming back all the time! Whats going on? We know!
just read & listen to the stories
its compelling to say the least!
but is it the truth?...well now, isn't that another story, for Disclosure!?

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