Tuesday, March 06, 2012

UFO's A True Story

An amazing documentary featuring NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper and others talking about their Ufo sightings.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting videos!...but at the end of the last video, where Dr. Rauni Kilde, is giving an account
of this chap, who was asked if he would like to go on a trip in this
craft, he bravely excepted, and
then, was taken to the dark side of the moon, where he saw lights from all the bases...then onto, about 2hr. trip, to a PLANET!

On getting out of the craft,he was taken,by surprise!!!...because he was confronted with all of his DIED RELATIVES....very much alive and well, 0.0 :)..:/?

My partner walked away looking at me sideways, saying...DO YOU BELIEVE THAT#?:/

Well that stuffed my day, and I'm hanging onto the answer now. Well??

Haha!...but what if?:)

I'm trying not to fall out of my tree, here!!

I have always found Dr. Rauni Kilde videos, compelling to say the least,..but this one is UNCOMFORTABLE!
I think I'm on my own with this! or am I ??...........

Mika Halonen said...

Copyrighted material with warnings and stuff right at the start? How you dared to share this video at here!? Oh well... This documentary were REALLY good. Oh, and it's Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. Little respect pls =) Peace.

Anonymous said...

Just exploring this story a bit more....

Could this planet that this guy, had been taken to, and then overwhelmed with surprise, when welcomed by his, "DEAD RELATIVES & FRIENDS"have been called "HEAVEN":)
how else could this story work?

After all!...Dr.Rauni Kilde, she is telling this story! we are only exploring it! but she is repeating
what she says was deleted!?...WHY?

Is this what they don't wont you to know?...too hard to believe!? so we don't!.....or can we?

Anonymous said...

So,how many stories are out there
that you've read or heard, and you can not, make your mind up whether to believe or not!...well its simple; "don't believe!!" just think about it, because who knows &
what if?.....:) a brick landing on your foot, is the truth you can believe in!! or talking to your dead relatives & friends 0.0 #??lol

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