Monday, May 21, 2012

Alien Hot Rocks Update - Interview: 18/05/2012

An update on this story:
A California mother is recovering from second- and third-degree burns after colored rocks her family collected from a southern California beach unexpectedly caught fire while in her shorts pocket.
We are not so sure if its an 'Alien rock now' -  Notice how they fail to mention the San Onofre Nuclear reaction in the background which recently had a major radiation leak? Talk about investigative journalism!
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Anonymous said...

A box of matches,or a box of rocks?

I wonder if one or more, of those rocks had flint in it? that might explain something like...Do not have "DRY" Phosphorous & flint together.It could be likened to a match, when ground together, or struck!?...but this would not take place on the beach,because of the water,ONLY WHEN DRY!...This lady had these rocks in her pocket for some hours & she was fine until she arrived home from the beach and in that time, these rocks had sufficient time to dry off, and react,probable by the stones being crushed together & causing a spark
particularly,if they were of flint thus, igniting the now warm & dry PHOSPHORUS in the stone...a bad recipe for a third degree burn.....

Anonymous said...

We wish you TWO a quick recovery &
remember!..if your short of a match
just go for a walk down the beach:)

Anonymous said...

at the shore of the baltic sea, it happened quite often that amber collectors mistake pieces of red phosphorus for amber. these pieces are from WW2 fire bombs. as soon as it dries and comes in contact with air, it starts burning, in many cases horribly injuring the collectors.

so in my opinion, tragic but nothing alien here...

Anonymous said...

Clearly not alien but phosphorus.
This does not belong on this site!

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