Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spiral Crop Circle Bracciano, Italy: 20/05/2012

New spiral Crop Circle seen in Bracciano in Bertinoro,  Forlì-Cesena 20th May, 2012:

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Crop Circles SYMBOLICALLY..What if!

Spiral crop circle + Wormhole = from another DIMENSION!?

In other words,could the energies that create some crop circles, be coming from another dimension and through a wormhole, or vortex if you like: [to appear where ever?]
Could they be trying to tell us somethig by showing us!
Maybe its not ment for us,but ment for Extraterrestrial here on Earth,
and we are just stumbling over these Crop Circles, in amazement.
Wild eh!...Just sharing a thought!!

Anonymous said...

There is a band that lives not far from here called the Silver Snails and they say that it was not them. Maybe the beings from beyond just like music? Or maybe it was them? facebook.com/thesilversnails

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