Monday, June 25, 2012

UFO Ovnis Over Buenos Aires Argentina 24/06/2012

New ufo report in from Buenos Aires filmed June 24th :
If you live in Buenos Aires we would like to hear if you also saw ufo lights recently - please reply to this post.

Posters comments: June 24, 2012, UFO activity is recorded for Argentina Buenos Aires, a "double Ufo Lenticular" UFO / Orb was recorded while traveling at high altitude, to the northern part of the city in its path, estubo next to the moon, was used in Sony Trv H8 310 Infrared The collation sequence is also of Heaven Above Satellite lists, since and also minutes before there were "abnormal" orbitaciones cruses of that Different from satellite routes which were meticulously controlled and in which are filed / recorded several steps visible type of Cosmos Satellites that if they were in the evening. Reports the phenomenon is more updated info and star charts, and satellite soon also in Wev.
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