Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Triangle UFO Over Monterey, California: Orange Spheres 21/06/2012

We would like to hear from any readers in Monterey California, if they also spotted this strange series of lights recently:
Sent in by a reader:
Three glowing orange spheres silently moved across the sky above us in a perfect triangle pattern. The spheres then rapidly ascended and flickered out. This was over monterey ca on june 21 2012.
Three silent low flying orange spheres that appeared to be on fire, created a triangle shape while moving from southwest to northeast. They then disappeared upward rapidly
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Anonymous said...

i absolutely saw this but may i add that what i saw was prefaced by an entirely different sighting altogether.

for the past two weeks we have come across firetrucks and police cars assembled on the road- with men exploring our bike/walking path (across from the 7 Gables B&B on Ocean Blvd and Fountain in Pacific Grove, CA).

after seeing this assemblage a second time i went to my studio in the attic and got curious about the firetrucks...went to my window to see if i could make out any of their lights in the neighborhood (i live about six houses away from the B&B mentioned above).

what i saw instead was one single orb of orange light hovering above the water. i say hovering because i looked through my binocs to see if i could see anything past the intense orange light. it was near impossible but i could make out orange ripples on the ocean -- which to me meant that the thing was floating just above the water line.

i stuck around for 15 minutes just staring at it. i recall the air was warm coming in from the bay.
after 15 minutes i went to sit down thinking i would give the thing a while to move....when i went back to the window the show was over. the light was gone.

i so wish i could have seen the three lights mentioned but this huge one that i saw may have been all three combined (maybe?).... i am so upset that i did not think to film it or photograph it. i gave it every opportunity to be a fishing vessel but it was certainly displaying a light i wasn't familiar with given the ships i've seen over the years.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember the orange orbs of light appear much smaller in the video than they actually are. Its like filming the moon with your phone, it looks about 500% bigger in person.

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