Friday, August 10, 2012

Mars Curiosity Rover Sights Its First UFO: Object Ascends Near Light?

This video is doing the rounds online and shows what looks to be like a small object ascending from the ground near the Mars Curiosity Rover. Please view this video in FULL SCREEN when you see it. NASA is saying its simply the movement of a cloud of dust in the background, caused by the rover landing - but is it?. Your comments on the footage welcome.
Look closely:

Posters comments:
Object 1 ascends in the middle of horizon (timescale on video) 0:03. 
Object 2 appears at the far left at 0:24. Possible explanations are satellites, meteors, parts of the rovers landing gear, stars etc. Objects still remain unidentified. Leaked video footage or photo time laps (1 frame per second?) taken by the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover of unidentified objects in the sky and ascending from the ground. Receiving more footage and info soon, so stay tuned.
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Anonymous said...

Funny how the pictures are of the ground. Can't tell if there is life by only looking at the ground! Look up. I am gettn the feeling like there is another cover up! Another year added where the gov thinks we are not prepared for what's out there.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see it as asending from the ground,I saw it as a white object on a trajectory on the horizon,from left to right!!

I paused the video, & magnified it by 1000!...It looked no different
than you would see on a video, of an orb seen here on Earth,but yes,
no detail!!just a white light that could be anything, and yes! you can call it a UFO. but as a ufo. could it BE a satellite or meteor?
that is possible!?

But as for NASA saying it could be the movement of a cloud of dust,in the background caused by the rover landing!! Who was the bright spark
to think that one up? the fastest
dust cloud I've ever seen!? A clearly round white dust cloud???
give us a brake nasa:)not a cloud!
or even part of the Rovers landing gear! come on, pull the other leg:)
but I could except a satellite or meteor, or at this point,a UFO....

skahooch21 said...

I know it may be VERY far fetched, but has NASA possibly gone to Mars to see the effects of Nibiru to study any effects on planetary systems?

Anonymous said...

This explanation is
The second object stays at same altitude, so, can only be an orbiting object...
The first object can be a star or any object rising over the horizon vertically due to the perspective ( orbiting at 90° from the second one )

This explanation prevail, if stars and satellites are visible during day light, if not, these are non conventional objects : UFOS

Anonymous said...

Come on people...

This is an obvious fake to try and gain traffic to his blog site.

This is simply the below navigation photo from the rover's rear hazcam with an overlay.

These are photos, not videos.

Link to photo

minusbeer said...

nasa why land in the middle of nowhere why not land near the glass tubes trees or other places where there looks like buildings no you have to land where you did because you know whats on mars and its still this game your playing dust landing gear give us a break.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have enough time to travel to the so called pyramid sites any way. And if they were covering them up they wouldn't land near them cause that would mean they were interested. The old smoke and mirrors is so predictible. They could have been smarter and landed at these suspect sites and then dismissed them as natural formations. And why wouldn't you land where the last mission failed. Sheesh it's getting annoying

Anonymous said...

NASA = Never A Straight Answer

I have seen UFO's and am a firm believer! I still feel that NASA covers up a lot of the truth. Perhaps even all the truth?!

As for a dust cloud?! I don't accept that one.... Come on NASA!!! We are all grownups here and human to boot! STOP feeding us lies!!! Your lies are thinner than the atmosphere of Mars!!!!

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