Monday, August 27, 2012

Strange Ovni UFO Lights Watching Donostia, Spain: 24/08/2012

Calling all our readers from Spain! Can you please confirm if you saw any Ovni (UFO) lights recently - like the ones in the videos below?  Numerous UFO videos have come in over the last week, apparently captured over town of Donostia, in Spain: 24/08/2012

Spain 08-19-2012

\Poster: Up to 5 bright balls they moved slowly to left right and up down, got video recorded on two of them, but the image is very bad because this engraving from a mobile phone and the distance was very large. I would like to know if anyone saw these light balls or fire the day August 17, 2012, I saw them together with my girlfriend from the terrace of the hotel Gardenia Park
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