Monday, August 27, 2012

More UFO Ovnis Fly By Tijuana, Mexico City: 25/08/2012

Yet another UFO sighting in from Tijuana,  Mexico City. This one on the 25/08/2012.
Looks like an aircraft until you look closer at it in full screen... Was it a Military Drone?
So much UFO activity over Mexico City recently has left us guessing....
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Bathtub said...

It looked like an aircraft even when I looked closer in full screen.

Michael said...

Astounding logic there bathtub. It's in the air, & it's a craft of some sort, so you've solved the mystery. Well done. I can't believe i didn't recognize that this was a craft, that is also in the air myself. Judging by your simplification of this footage, i'm assuming you're implying it's a man-mad airplane of some sort; in which case i'd advise you to note the speed, length, & odd shape of the object in question, Normal man-made airplanes do not look like that, nor do they move at that speed, or at that altitude.

Anonymous said...

What is strange about this video,
is why would someone photograph something that is "soooo far away"
that you can't determine what it is

If I see something with my own eyes first, and I can't identify
it, then what is the point of photographing it,when you know that
no one else can determine it either UNLESS, you can zoom in on it,to see it clearly, and share it with others..Whats the point here??

Its a waste of time, and irritating
to the rest of us. Look at it like this...your camera is our eyes!?

If you don't see it clearly, we won't either.Lets get it right,

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't loose my soap over that comment, Bathtub!?:) or is it too late?

Was that what we saw at high speed??...BATHTUBs SOAP!!!...

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