Friday, August 31, 2012

UFO Cruises Upland, California: 28/08/2012

Best viewed in full screen - filmed over Upland, California:
Mufon report: My cousin was sitting outside in his back yard when he noticed a bright object that wasent there before, he had his ipod with him so he filmed it, it wasent until we put the footage on the computer that we noticed all the details, got some GREAT footage of the object.. we have seen alot of stuff out here in So Cal almost daily, check out the video. this is un edited original footage watch how it light up the near by trees and look for the object that shoots out, sorry for shaky camera it startled us a bit, as amazing as this thing is it was not as fascinating as the object we saw on 8-11-12 up in the local mountains, helicopters were seen in the area afterwords.
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skahooch21 said...

Seems legitimate. The way the light shakes doesn't match the camera's shake, makes me think hoax. However, when the object lights up you can see the limbs of the tree reflecting. Hmmm, 50-50 about it.

Nell186 said...

Wow! Most likely a UFO,because it does'nt look like anything else!

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