Friday, September 07, 2012

UFO Lights Above Campbell River, Vancouver Island

New UFO news report in from Campbell River, Vancouver Island:

CAMPBELL RIVER – Strange red lights hovering over Campbell River have one woman baffled. On Sunday night, Lindsay Shann came home from her camping trip. As she unloaded her car she looked up and witnessed an encounter of the unknown. “It was totally bizarre,” says Shann.

She quickly grabbed her camera and started filming. She counted five glowing unidentified objects flying across the sky in a formation and within seconds they vanished. She called the nearest military base looking for answers.

“The Captain there told me there was nothing supposed to be flying. He took down my information and told me that he will get back to me if he need more information.”

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Lady said...

16 jalmaiI too have seen these lights on Vancouver Island but not on this night. Very large lights moving in formation across the sky very fast, some in pairs some in groups, different sizes and moving in ways that we would think impossible, literally making 90 degree flying over the horizon and reappearing on the other and shoting straight up into space. We get a lot of activity on Vancouver Island particularly in the summer. It was always been my firm belief these lights which others have seen here as well are following a path of some kind. Even if the military saw these things on radar they are to fast to intercept and photograph so it is usually a visual sighting lasting seconds

Humble Sun said...

They could very well have been UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or RPAs (remotely piloted aircrafts). I live in Edmonton and have seen several UAVs over the last year. Transport Canada authorized the use of these drones over Canadian soil by military, law enforcement, and private firms for testing and use. more info here:

Most UFOs we see are most likely classified military craft. The world never knew about the F117-A (Stealth Bomber) until it crashed into the Redwood Forest. I have a suspect video on my youtube page that seem like UFOs because they appear to teleport. At the same time, that does not mean this isn't the work of classified technology. Nice footage still!



Anonymous said...

To: Humble Sun at 4:37am..Nice one!

I'm interested in your comment, particularly where you say that ufo. "appear to teleport"

Do you mean that you see them at A.
and they disappeat, just to reappear at B. somewhere else! Good trick yes?:)

Some people might find that difficult to understand,because we
are only accustomed to "traveling" from A. to B. in what ever time it takes, as in a plane!?

So this is interesting! a new way of getting around!? this could make
all our vehicles, roads, & freeways
obsolete! if we were to have this
technology. It would mean less congestion!...can you imagine our
future with teleportation like the
telephone,where you could punch in your destination,and the next thing you know,your at work! or in the Supermarket,so on.Or maybe just
a special doorway every where,..
where you walk IN, punch in your destination,like in an elevator!? and walk out of a door,somewhere else, ANYWHERE in the world OR even PLANETS!!!...The mind boggles
at all the possibilities here, but
the point I'm making here, IS THIS!

IF..ET. can teleport their craft,

THEIR LIFE STYLE??? would this ring a bell for us? like what you've just read!? just shearing a thought with you all........cheers!

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