Monday, September 03, 2012

UFO Ovnis Or Lanterns? Santander, Spain: 1/09/2012

Were these bright lights over Spain simply Chinese lanterns or something more....?

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TAKEN THE 09/01/2012-22: 29 THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE I SAW FILMING HOPE THAT THEY UPLOAD THEIR VIDEOS. I took this video out of the Festival of the Nations, at 22: 29. I was with my two children and my husband, I was in the car when my husband tells me: look, and I I downloaded immediately, had dreams that I warned of this, I saw that had a partner who was already filming them, I film them soon because I wanted to enjoy the experience. My husband wanted to go in the car behind the flotilla but I by fear of losing sight of here not ME, Im not moving he said. They were like 7, here only focus to 4 since my camera didn't but not as crisp as I saw come out. They weren't sparklers as gained fell and were going to the right, where you were all, and it was clear that were left to see. It was a happy experience.
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