Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UFO Lights Watch Over Phoenix, Arizona: 18/9/2012

UFO lights above Phoenix, Arizona 18/09/2012

Filmed from my 3rd floor balcony in Phoenix facing South a little after 10:30PM.

I wanna note that the other small lights below in the video are street lights, and the blue light on the bottom right is someone's tv. The 2 lights did not move, and they flickered bright orange and almost a green color. After about 2-3 minutes they faded out, the right one first then the left. Kinda creeepy! lol Ignore my annoying narrating (;
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Anonymous said...

I respect how fast you put this up! I saw these lights going down the 101 west and I almost got into a car accident twice. I was so fixed on them and was baffled when they just vanished!

HawaiianActor said...

I saw the same thing!!! I have video on my phone, but I want to brighten it up a bit... I have it fading away and reapearing a few times!

Azintel77 said...

I saw the same thing from chandler around 11pm, west of me, 2 orange light flickering like sparklers then one disappeared then the other then reappeared a few minutes later but instead of side by side they were stacked, they stayed another few minutes and disappeared one by one again...glad I'm not the only one...just crazy, have pic but real small and iPhone video but too far away. Never seen anything like it before

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