Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Sighting - Myrtle beach: 13/09/2012

Exactly what were these lights over Myrtle Beach? Flares or something else?

Filmers comments:
9/13/12 8:00 pm over murrells inlet garden city
I was on my buddies boat with five friends. We all saw a very unusual light array in the sky. We saw 7 lights vertical over the entrance of the inlet in murrells inlet. It later shot over gulf stream cafe and around the sky at 8:00 pm. It returned shortly and 1 light all the way to ten lights turned on and rotated in a circle. On a large screen it looks much better. I filmed this on my android it is not the best quality. However on a big screen you can see different colors. For the most part in person they looked like orange yellow fire balls. Everything was silent. We have five different phone videos. I also called channel 13 news. They advised me it was military exercises and the f16's were training. Also that they had sprayed chatter ( chemtrails earlier) . She explained they were spraying Mylar,polymer, and aluminum to mess with the radar for traing and she could not say anything further.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting! August 8, 2012 at 8:22pm I was sitting in my back yard in Murrells Inlet when I saw the same thing over the ocean toward the north east sky. Five VERY bright / large orange red balls/ ORBS- then three then five then one. They just hovered for a couple of minutes. I called to my husband and he was able to see that last one. At first we thought it might be fireworks, but they zipped off and then back... It was quick and it took me a few secs to process what we'd seen. I got my camera and recorded what followed (I do not however know how to share the filming-yet) there were several BRIGHT much smaller white lights that scurried in different directions while being chased/followed by helicopters and aircrafts within minutes of said sighting.

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