Friday, November 30, 2012

UFOs Continue to Appear in Florida November 27, 2012

UFOs continue to appear in Southwest Florida. Bright orbs of light, often in triangle formation, have appeared on several occasions in Cape Coral and Fort Meyers during the month of November 2012.
Note: If you live in Florida and have seen these UFO lights please reply to this post with your eyewitness description.
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Anonymous said...

Fake! I don't believe anything on Fox News.

Luvoz said...

Well I believe these are genuine ufos, you may not believe fox but you can't not believe the eye witnesses to the events.

Smart1 said...

Its a bug... fly or bee. Come on people. open your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Look,if my eyes were open any wider
I'd look like ET.and I still don't
see them ...or the BEEs!:)no Bees!
or UFOs,but people are seeing something up there, and they aint fire flies............

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