Monday, March 18, 2013

Flying Cylinder UFO over Brasil 15th March 2013

This cigar shaped UFO was filmed over Brazil March 15.
You can see the object looks it has some form of self propulsion which makes it hard to believe its some type of balloon:
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skahooch21 said...

Unreal! You can see at 1:10 the object clearly changes colors! It seems possible to change colors with its surroundings.

-And I had thought it was a balloon until that point!

Anonymous said...

Changing Colors? at 1:10

What I see is: White, Grey, & Black
NORMAL! for an object such as this
on turning, yeah?

There is the light on one side,
which is White! yeah? and the other
side in the shade, Black! right?
and the Cylinder,..Grey!

Whats rong with that?

What I haven't seen before,is a Cylinder turning around like that.
Most,are going straight ahead,Fast!

My thoughts on this; was the camera
traversing around the Cylinder,such
as in a vehical!? or was the Cylinder making the turn! which I think was the case,because the film
was reasonably steady...but color?
what color? only grey,white,black
as in "shade" When you say color,
I'm thinking: Blue, Green, Red!?

Just commenting with a:.......:)?

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