Monday, March 18, 2013

Cylinder UFO March 2013

This strange Cylinder UFO was filmed this month - March 2013. (No location info yet)
The poster comments it may be a solar ballon but if you look further into the video its hard to decide really what the object it. We would appreciate your comments and feedback on this video
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Anonymous said...

Thats what I call clear! well done,
My take on this: Its large, very shiny,has a rounded front,somewhat like a CNG or LPG gas tank!?

Could this be a Transporter?

A transporter for what, though?
Makes you wonder,what might be going on,with these, cigar shape sightings or Cylinder.

Could this be todays modern Zeppelin??...Top Secret,Military maybe!?..from the Secret Space probram!?

Or just ETs,space bus, on the next work shift:)..............

Anonymous said...

These Cylinder ships are transporters, they can transport 250 thousand people at a time. This is to insure the servival of this earth.

Anonymous said...

Interesting & thank you, but out of
[250 thousand people, at a time] in these transporters,for the servival of this earth:...

How selective, would this be out of
"SEVEN BILLION of us???"

To insure the servival of this earth,suggests something is on the way!?...would you consider the reasoning,for this to be?:)

In the repeat of: NOAHS ARK!....?

Anonymous said...

Disturbing thought!...

If 250 thousand people at a time,can be transported in these

WHY then,is it reported that they are seen going into the Popocatepeti Volcano? Disturbing!!!

One word..Cremation:..,0.0,..

Which is worse...the thought of what might be coming, or the Popocatepeti Volcano!?............?

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