Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UFO filmed from airline window 18th March 2013

New UFO report 18th March 2013:

Filmers comments:
While on a flight from Washington, D.C. to Denver Colorado I caught a UFO on video just after using "Yukon" the Caribou to focus my video camera. The UFO shows up suddenly at about 0:33 on the right, then disappears suddenly after I zoom back out. The flight was bumpy so I couldn't keep the UFO in view when zoomed in. This would have been somewhere over Virginia, about 10 minutes after takeoff.
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IKINA WANA said...

This is my video. If anyone out there has the equipment to do a proper analysis, I'd appreciate your help. I wasn't looking to catch a UFO on video, so this was a real surprise. From what I could see visually, I'm positive that the "light" is not an aircraft landing light given the way that it seemed to quickly fly into view and then zip off quickly. The light didn't just go out - I watched it fly off quickly. Any questions, please contact me through my YouTube channel. IKINAWANA

Anonymous said...

That's a poo poo head

Anonymous said...

At 0:45 if you freeze the screen : you can clearly see that the entity divides in two , not due to the movement of camera because they clearly have different angles. Very interesting, wonder whar that it...But i am sure that you'll have plenty of stupid comments ! :)
Thank's for sharing it

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