Friday, March 01, 2013

Mothership Fly's Above Longview,Texas: 26/02/13

Would like your opinion on what this huge craft with lights could be?
Filmed over Longview Texas, on Tuesday the 26th February 2013.
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Anonymous said...

For a start, how could anyone know it was a Mothership, without an indicator, of it being so!?

It IS, "only" what you see,and no MORE than what you see,until identerfied..if it ever is!?

Unidenterfied moving lights,simple!as amazing as it was.I thought we saw a Delta shape!...can't be sure just looking at the video..........

Anonymous said...

LOL..I believe in LIGHTS!!:)

but don't see any UFO. in these vids:)

We see "unidenterfied moving lights"and an "imaginary" somthing up there!?..but WHAT?

This is like an imaginary excitement,going nowhere!! over & over & over..there is no "buz" to just seeing lights,and nothing more
than just that,goodness knows, I believe in lights!?..Look! we know what we see..but if we don't see,
we don't know!! we??

Shure there is unusual lights that
catch our attention,and sure,we can see those lights!..BUT! don't see what is making those lights..yeah? We "suspect" what might be, making those amazing lights,but that dosn't mean its a UFO. It could be!! but could be something else entirely different
and not what we think.This is why it is so important to identify what
is producing those lights.

I watched a CLEAR video from Mexico
one time, a clear viewing of lights
flashing & swirling around like a bunch of bright balloons in a cloud
of some kind,even 'Jaime Maussan"in
his video,was mystified as to what
this could be,and I wouldn't say this sighting was a UFO.It looked more like some sort of powerful energy, swirling around emitting
flashing lights!?..could this be energy,morphing into a UFO? Don't know! or maybe the end of a wormhole,that UFO.exit from into this world! "a portal!!"...?

But at least,that video was clear
enough to see what you we were looking at,even if you didn't understand what it was,you were seeing!? Understanding is what this is all about, for all of us!!
It must be CLEAR to be understood,
and just lights is not enough to get a handle on,even if those lights are impressive,because the
question remains:..Is it a UFO. or
a "portal" of swirling lights of energy for a UFO?..or something else!?.....OURs!?..............

Anonymous said...

The first bright light,may have been an energized portal,that the
other lights or UFO.had emerged from,if it were only possible to have zoomed in closer,this might have been seen..............

Anonymous said...

I also saw 2 flying objects in the sky. Aboit 8:00 pm n VA

Anonymous said...

Looks like a helicopter to me. You can even see the blinking red light on the tail of it. Nothing to see here, move along.

Anonymous said...

This guy is really dumb. Thinks planes are aliens. He is a waste of oxygen. My turds are smarter than this guy. He might confuse a turd for a U.F.O

Anonymous said...

You must be new to the Loo!!..hold your breath,the trip aint over yet...your in the right place!
STAY THERE!!..............

Anonymous said...

For everyone that has something negative to say...If you did not believe, then why are you watching such video? You just have not seen for yourself. So until you have...stop knocking, only you can let yourself in!

We are not the only ones in this universe my children...we are merely atoms in the atmosphere when you think of how big, vast(how ever way you want to say it!)......endless our world really is!

Are the cameras really catching a figment of our imagination? Say what you want, think what you want but if you watch such videos, then in the back of your know its possible! It is not a belief! Its what is right in front of you. You just have not seen it yet!

Just saying

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