Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Parallel UFO Ovni Formation - Buenos Aires, Argentina: 14/04/2013

UFO OVnis Buenos Aires - Argentina

Filmers comments
14 APRIL 20:01, Parallel UFO Formation, is located and recorded after opening higher luminosity Flare, which betrays the traffic in the sky with arrumbamiento Peak South / East, both at the beginning of the record, and at the end are seen the two significant increases in luminosity, on the brightness of the two objects punctate lenticular (2 Flares?), so far not identified, "the Sun were chequedas list, the only Iridium Orbiting the day 19:22, was to occur much earlier, celestial Zone hubicada visual Incidence in Heaven, not coincident No footsteps of ISS., rigorously Parallel Training, returned shine in "another flare" remarkable, the passage from 4:30 minutes are almost up on the "Southern Cross" (Alpha C, Mimosa, Gacrux etc) hiso remarkable brightness, the two small Stars phones clearly visible there, they made their way slowly in Unconventional Orbital stroke / Nothing unusual, and very slow., to come from the satellites "that attitude, but also, transpolar)  Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Greg St. Pierre said...

There's another object, somewhat dimmer, behind the two at 3:18 and moving to the left. Interesting video as these are NOT satellites with the apparent change in direction yet are obviously high altitude. Good post.

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