Saturday, April 20, 2013

UFO reports over San Diego and large Boom noises

Over the last week numerous UFO videos have come in from  San Diego.
During the same period loud booms were heard over the last week - was it no coincidence?
UFO San Diego

Boom earwitness and photographer of mysterious 3 red lights in triangle pattern: ' Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California. Witness photographer requests anonymity.Source
“I and several others witnessed three objects flying in the night sky on Sunday, April 14. The weather here has been cloudy and a coastal eddy or marine layer with drizzle was low since I live one mile from the ocean. At around 8:00 PM I had just gotten home with the family. I went outside to make a phone call on the front porch facing west, when I heard a boom sound. Then out of nowhere a red light appeared in the sky southwest of my location. The First object appeared to by flying from south to north along the coast originating over the ocean and then disappeared from sight after about 5 minutes. A second object came and did the exact same thing, staying in sight a little longer before disappearing. The third object appeared as soon as the other had disappeared and repeated exactly same route, but stayed longer. The objects were like fireballs very bright and red in color. My dog wa freaking out. I took photos and video. I am hoping that someone else had to have seen this along the coast near Imperial Beach or Coronado, California.
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