Saturday, April 20, 2013

UFO above Göteborg Sweden 16th April 2013 Ovni

This stunning low hovering UFO orb over hill in Göteborg Sweden 16th April 2013

Filmers comments:
The potential UFO was seen somewhere around 20.45 (pm), we decided to head up to one of the nearby mountains which has a great view above Delsjön, Mölndal and Göteborg. The weather was not optimal for skywatching but we brought the gear with us just in case, as soon as we headed outside we saw a police helicopter that seemed to be heading our way, at one moment it even seemed to stop in mid-air then it took off and it did not return again. 
As we climbed the mountain the weather got much more cloudier and storm-like, it eventually started raining and the wind-draft was pretty strong to. Just when we decided to head back home a giant pulsating light appeared above a mountain far away, it seemed to be something stationary in mid-air that did not show any signs of a mast or a pole, the object was really far away so if it was a pole there should had been a visible pole holding up the light since the object was really big. 
The lightsource from this light was very different from the other lights, it looked more like plasma. Also the hill it is hovering above is tilted, considering how vertical the light appears to be above the hill/mountain it does not really make much sense regarding how a antenna or pole would be placed on top of a slanted mountain. We believe that this was a genuine UFO that was hovering in mid-air for some unknown reason. The way it behaved is very similar to how the other recent UFOs we have recorded have been behaving.
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Bathtub said...

I'm sorry, but I don't see anything other than a light on a hillside. Where's the mystery?

Ric Hansen said...

It doesn't appear to move from its position throughout the video; and it is quite a distance from the camera. I would check police and fire reports for that time and may be a structure fire and not in the air at all. Just a possibility. At that time of day and with the low clouds it could be easy to mistakenly identify a bright spot in the distance. Just a thought. Don't stop searching; they are out there.

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