Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UFOs Sighted! Sakurajima Volcano, Japan (webcam recording)

This video was sent in by reader. It's a long webcam capture over Sakurajima Volcano in Japan.
It must be viewed in fullscreen to see whats happening at the apex of the volcano.
You may want to fast forward to 6.32 in the Youtube video - this is where things start to get interesting.
Upon looking closer, it appears that some type of aircraft is exiting the volcano? Your opinions appreciated on this video. This must be the 100th video we have posted with unusual objects coming out of a volcano - We're still not sure what the connection is, but it's been occurring for many years.
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Texas UFO Sightings said...

These UFOs show up all the time, I saw them in real time a year ago.

Texas UFO Sightings said...

They show up all the time around these volcanoes. I saw them in real time with my own two eyes on this web cam a year ago! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

We did not see any objects go into,
or out of this volcano.What we did seen,..was objects disappearing &
reappearing,but nothing thats not been seen before, elsewhere!?

We suggest,IF this shot had been taken at another distant locality,
this viewing might not have been seen over; Sakurajima Volcano.If this were the case,then the focus on volcanos,being of some interest to ETs.would be misleading,as we feel, is the case...

IF on the other hand, they ARE near
the Volcano,then one might assume
they are as interested in the history of the Volcano,as we might be,for what ever the reasons.......

Anonymous said...

Dirt on the Lens. super cool

Anonymous said...

If you were the other side of Sakurajima Volcano,would you still see them above that Volcano??......

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