Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Deathbed Confession: Former CIA Agent Talks UFO's

An incredible interview with a former CIA agent from The Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure:
“At the end of the non-human autopsy film, it said that the brain was different than ours and the internal organs were entirely different.” - “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst
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Anonymous said...

I really feel for the gentleman. He's farther down the path that we all must go, and for that at least he deserves our respect.

The problems with the episode should be clear--the interviewer, whoever he is, asks leading questions; the gentleman is quite specific in his answers until he reaches those points which you and I most want to hear, and then becomes vague and moves quickly away from answering any further. Also, his credentials have no support beyond the fact that he tells us he worked for the CIA, which is no support at all.

Nothing new is revealed beyond what any UFO hobbyist could cull from some light reading or viewing. That in itself suggests inauthenticity. Otherwise, what would be the point of his revelations? To "get something off his chest" that any of us already knows?

Sorry, but I'd really hoped for something more persuasive from an eyewitness.


Anonymous said...

For myself,Tom...each individuals story of their experience,is but a small part of the larger picture out there.This,for myself can mean, if one persons life story in THEIR experience,matches another story from someone else they "never knew" and there are a number, saying the same thing,Then I tend to pay attention to the story told because in my opinion,they can't all be wrong, and there must be something to it!?

If they never knew one another,and they witnessed the same event,then for me,there is some truth in there.I think the more stories we hear,and there are a lot of them out there!? then the greater the BIGGER PICTURE,for what has been going on,for some 60yrs.and held back from us, as if we couldn't handle the truth!?The more that tell their truth,the stronger the story becomes.

In this particular interview,it is the well known historian & author of many books: "Richard Dolan" interviewing the former CIA.agent from the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure...............

Anonymous said...

The USGov. cannot officially disclose. There are terrifying dimensions to all of this. The Earth is a baby. It's being cultivated and monitored in it's development. At some point in time, the Intelligences at work will reveal themselves when it is to their advantage and conforms to their designs. For now, the USGov. is doing all it can to prepare in anticipation of that day. Currently, they have next to no defense against hostile intrusion. And they know it better than anyone. The USGov. is also aware that homo sapiens are not the mere result of Darwinian evolution. Nor is our race currently unmolested in it's movement forward as a race. The next few decades will be most fascinating.

Anonymous said...

The interviewer is Richard Dolan; noted and respected UFO historian and lecturer. This interview was six hours long and we are only seeing a small portion of it. Props to the gentleman and I do look forward to seeing the interview in its entirety before passing final judgement. Impressive, so far.

Anonymous said...

"There are terrifying dimensions to all of this??"...Well what can we say to this?: NO MORE, than going to WAR,and not coming back!..stepping out into TRAFFIC!..every time you drive your vehicle!..facing disease!.."Terrifying Dimensions?"...You never can know,when a terrifying dimension is going to get you..We can not make informed decisions,unless we know the Truth!
We do not wish to wait for more Decades to pass...60 plus years,is long overdue, and it is time for Disclosure, NOW!!! You see, we have been lied to! "7 BILLION People,and RISING" is
"unsustainable!!?" and FREE energy would be the relief this world needs for future generations to survive.The rising cost of living, can only go so far,before it becomes impossible,then what?? Now is the time to think, & act,while there is still time.............

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