Saturday, May 11, 2013

UFO Ovni Visits Argentina During Solar Eclipse: 09/05/2013

 UFO Ovni filmed over Argentina during solar eclipse:  09/05/2013
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Bathtub said...

It wasn't filmed during the eclipse, because neither Argentina nor Chile (where this was also seen and filmed) were in its path. This is almost certainly the re-entry of the Cygnus mass simulator:

Anonymous said...

This was definitely NOT the Cygnus re-entry. Not only is the shape completely wrong but also the speed trajectory and color as well as the behaviour of the multiple definitive points of ligght were completely wrong for to have been tje cygnus. I think its telling of peoples skepticism or worse (dissinformation) that someone would post such an unsubstantiated theory. I would like if someone is going to post such things know and specify exact tes of video along with substantiated info ie exact re entry time trajectory speed along with specific direction of objects flight path in videos. Also hieght at time of videos if that was re entry of cygnus its somehow grown to over 1000 times the size of cygnus.

Anonymous said...

Are there any eyewitness drawings of what they saw? The smears and streaks of the videos make it really impossible to determine the object's shape and size. Please help!

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