Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ufos' or sky lanterns? over Chicago Illinois 4th July Independence day

Did anyone else see these lights over over Chicago Illinois on Independence day the 4th July ?
Filmers comments: Filmed by a friend of me who lives in Chicago. The quick flashing light on bottom left around middle-time is probably a firework cause it was Independence Day and you can hear the fireworks going off in the background. Nevertheless there has been 3 hovering lights in the night sky, actually maybe a fourth underneath, that are slowley moving. This is non edited, non fake, non cut 100% real footage. Later he said to me that he might have should recorded for a bit longer and that it was his first sighting. For me actually it's just a typical triangle UFO.
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André Charbonneau said...

Another that is using a screen with light in front of a camera,why dont you go out and try to get the some real ufo....He was shaking so much that all light shake in the same time.....dont know whatt you are trying to do !!!

André Charbonneau said...

Guess my first comment did not pass, well lets try again!!!

This is another screen with light that this personne make it move in front of is camera,it's obviouse,dont know why is doing this instead of trying to get real ufo, guess he has nothing to do Go out and tried to get the real thing .....

terixex said...

Chicago has an influx of sky lanterns lately.

UFO sky lanterns said...

Many sky lanterns like these - are often mistaken for UFO's.

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