Monday, July 01, 2013

UFO over Mexico compared to plane

UFO filmed over Mexico late June 2013 compared side by side to an airplane:

Here is a UFO caught on tape filmed in Mexico in early June, 2013. In this video we filmed a random plane at night to do a side by side comparison. The UFO  appears to have three solid lights with no obvious blinking which most aircraft have. Look up at night, you'll notice that 99% of planes have some sort of flashing or blinking lights. ovnis
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Anonymous said...

That is a united states government lockhead martin version of a "ufo". I encourage everyone to research what they have been doing for quite some time.
actual "ufos" or what many of us call "ifos"--cuz we can identify them, are of a very different and much more advanced technology.
how do I know this?-im a teacher of elementary students. half the class is what they call "indigos" and they are about to show you how to do something. but the first step will come this fall.
good luck and keep your eys on the skies! the brothers and sisters are looking out for you---

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